AI-powered Learning Simulations for your skill development

Video-based corporate training designed to increase efficiency and optimize the performance of your training team.

Key benefits


Our interactive video simulations imitate real-life conversations. Seeing both verbal and non-verbal communication breaths life into the learning process. Your reactions determine the direction of the conversation and the training’s outcome.

People remember conversations, not exercises.


The training programs are based on videos of real people. They can also be powered by virtual reality and AI. You are prompted to make choices every minute during the training, to keep you fully concentrated.
All your reactions are measured and analyzed, so you get personalized feedback.


Much of a coach’s job is to pass on information, verify that the participants understand it, and train new skills through simple exercises and role-plays. Our technology can do with all that.

We transfer routine work to robots and save the time and cost of real-life coaches.

Corporate Learning Simulations

Digital Coaches

You can play around with the digital coaches whenever it suits you on your screen. They conduct the training just like a live trainer, and even use AI. They are interactive and smart. Not only can you speak to them, but they also are quick to understand what the participant can and cannot do and adapt the training accordingly.

We replace standard e-learning courses or routine full-time training with interactive, entertaining learning simulations. We increase the performance of your internal training teams and can continuously train a branch network of thousands of people with minimal effort and resources.

Digital Role-Play

Any corporate training can be transferred into an immersive digital form.

What the participants learn in a safe online environment, they train in realistic video simulations. Sales skills are practised on an artificial customer and managerial skills on artificial colleagues, which react naturally, like real humans. The participants do not have to be afraid to make mistakes – they learn by experience.

Skill Data Analysis

We measure soft skills with so-called “hard numbers.” The SKILLDRIVER platform allows you to define the skills required and brings their implementations into practice. Metrics from the algorithms are targeted, detailed and in-depth. If you can show and measure strengths and weaknesses, you can manage personal development more effectively.

You get a perfect overview of employee development – in a clear and understandable graphic form and better demonstrate the business benefits of training programs.


Corporate Learning Simulations, including digital coaching, digital role-plays and skill data analyses, are applied in the following areas.

Sales and Customer Service

Leadership and Management Skills

Communication and Other Soft Skills

Onboarding for newcomers in the company

Product and Process Trainings


Roll-out of key propositions


Skilldriver reference

and many others


We make people’s lives better by helping them succeed. We strive to move the world from confrontation and negation to cooperation and satisfaction. We believe that systematic learning and skills development are the best ways to achieve this.

Not everyone can have their own personal mentor. That is why we digitize those development activities that, at a given time, technologies manage just as well, or even better than humans. SKILLDRIVER is an open and flexible concept that is constantly evolving. Currently, through virtual reality and conversational AI… in the future, perhaps to a fully autonomous digital coach.

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